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Hola Oficina Regional São Paulo

The São Paulo Liaison Office now has a website in Spanish.

Mar 24, 2021

Christian Lazar in his office in São Paulo.

Christian Lazar in his office in São Paulo.
Image Credit: private

Liaison Office manager Christian Lazar is a native German-Spanish speaker and offers his advice on scientific collaborations between Freie Universität Berlin, universities and research centers in Brazil and South America in four languages: German, English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Among other things, the office promotes study and research stays at Freie Universität Berlin and advises scholars beyond Brazil. Therefore, the establishment of a Spanish-language website for the liaison office was high time, due to the increasing participation in events in the region. "During and after the events informing about doctoral or postdoc opportunities at FU Berlin, I receive many inquiries from all over South America. By offering information in Spanish, I can reach many more people and provide an additional service," emphasizes Christian Lazar.   

The website of the liaison office in Brazil is available here.