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Quo vadis, Postdoc?

A new initiative to support international postdocs at FUB in their career planning was successfully launched by the Division International Affairs

Oct 05, 2021

“What comes next?” This is usually the most persistent question vexing young researchers, particularly in a foreign environment. “Which programs can I apply to, how do I write a convincing proposal, what should be my next career move?”

During an innovative workshop on 28 September, some general answers were given by Dr. Claudia Niggebrügge from FUB’s Research Department who informed around forty postdoctoral participants about the most popular funding programs from DFG to Volkswagen. After lively discussions between the participants during an informal luncheon, they were further engaged by Amanda Wichert from WITOS Berlin, who introduced them to useful networking techniques for their personal and academic advancement. The extremely positive feedback received after the event suggests a repetition in the near future.