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9th International Staff Training Week

103 participants from 39 countries attended the International Staff Training Week 2021.

Aug 23, 2021

Participants of the International Staff Training Week 2021

Participants of the International Staff Training Week 2021
Image Credit: Freie Universität Berlin, IV A

From July 14th to 18th 2021, the Division International Affairs hosted the 9th International Staff Training Week for colleagues from Erasmus+ partner universities – this year in a digital format. 103 participants from 39 countries attended one of four programs:
o    Alumni Networks: Learning from the International Experience
o    Windows into Internationalization: Fostering Intercultural Competence among Students and Staff
o    Libraries on the move: innovating services
o    Staff development and continuing education: Science management - profession, tasks, challenges and methods

Additionally, there were joint social activities like a Berlin Bingo and a virtual tour of Berlin. The feedback from participants proves that the interest in cooperation and international cooperation is strong as ever, even during a pandemic:

A. M., Armenia: “Thank you everyone for a wonderful opportunity to meet and share and connect in a time of pandemic that felt like isolating. Hopefully, we will meet face to face in the near future. This was an opportunity to learn and connect and have a broader vision of what innovative libraries and librarianship may be and how to achieve it, and people to connect for advice collaboration, and help.”

T. S., China: „In this state of the pandemic, I'm very grateful to you for deciding to hold the event online. In fact, my wifi router did not work properly and I had to buy a new one on the fourth day. I am very grateful for this opportunity. I was particularly surprised to see that some universities are already setting guidelines for how they will operate after the pandemic, and I was impressed by everyone's deep thinking about education and deeply positive attitude to the management of educational organizations. Thank you very much.“

L. F., Chile: “Thank you to the organizers, I had a very productive week with the training and can't wait to implement some of the ideas I learned about during the event.”

M. F., Peru: “I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful staff training week, full of very interesting presentations and opportunities for dialogue and learning. The virtual setting is sometimes challenging but I think you manage to use it in a way such that all participants felt welcome, and part of something very enriching for everybody.”

I. B., Israel: “Thank you and everyone involved for a very fruitful and enriching experience during this week! It was my first time that I participated in something like this and I understand how important and complex it is to create international workshops such as this one. You all put great efforts to make it work and you highly succeeded!!! The lectures were relevant to my field of work, the participants (the lecturers and participants) are very professional. (…)  I wish we would be back to meet in person so we can really create connections and have more time to share our knowledge and learn.”

A video with feedback from the participants can be found here.