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Alumna and Henriette Herz Scout of the AvH Foundation

Prof. Susanne Zepp can promote international female researchers thanks to her appointment as Henriette Herz Scout

Jul 05, 2021

Prof. Susanne Zepp

Prof. Susanne Zepp
Image Credit: Zwirner

In our International Portrait series, we introduce you to people who share their stories with us and reveal diverse perspectives on research, studying abroad and everyday university life. This week we meet Prof. Susanne Zepp who talks about what her appointment as Henriette Herz Scout of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation means to her.

As an enthusiastic alumna of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation I was delighted to be elected as a Scout. Within the Henriette Herz Scouting Program of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation I now have the opportunity to invite international researchers for a Humboldt research scholarship without them having to go through the usual application process.

I have already mentored more than a dozen scholarship holders. This new funding format is great as it specifically supports women in science who so far have not participated in the application process of the foundation. And the title of the program is particularly relevant to me as a scholar of Ibero-Romance literatures: The ancestors of Henriette de Lemos, the later salonnière Henriette Herz, came from the Iberian Peninsula. As an enlightened scholar, she influenced with her salon the intellectual life in our city from 1780 on. Henriette Herz was also a committed teacher.

It is an honor and a pleasure for me to be able to contribute to the internationalization at Freie Universität Berlin through such an outstanding program.

Further information on the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation's Henriette Herz Scouting Program can be found here.

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