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Europaeum Spring School 2021: Europe in the world – The world in Europe

Participant Veronika Datzer shares her impressions.

May 18, 2021

Veronika Datzer, participant of the Europaeum Spring School 2021.

Veronika Datzer, participant of the Europaeum Spring School 2021.
Image Credit: https://fotokirsch.com/

This year's Europaeum Spring School "Europe in the world - The world in Europe" took place at the end of April. The three-day event revolved around discussing the influence of Europe in the world and that of the world on Europe in a historical as well as contemporary context. This included topics such as the Covid-19 crisis, the state of democracies around the world, and the past and future impact of artificial intelligence.

Veronika Datzer, a student in the International Relations cooperative program at FU, HU, and the University of Potsdam, participated in the Spring School and gained insight into how interdependence has developed over the last century and impacted the current Europe. Veronika describes that she was particularly interested in the thematic focus on the EU and technology, and that the exchange with other international students appealed to her against the background of her academic ambitions and a potential PhD. In the end, she was even able to take away further content-related ideas for her master's thesis on the EU's cyber diplomacy as part of the panel "Building bridges between technology and the future of global affairs".

Overall, she would highly recommend participation in the Europaeum Spring School to other students. "In particular, I enjoyed the guest lectures by Archie Brown and Robert Gildea titled 'Learning from the end of empires'. The two renowned professors provided insight into their work as historians." In addition, Veronika Datzer was able to take away many new contacts, new impressions in previously unknown academic fields, and a better understanding of PhD projects.

The Europaeum is a network of 18 European universities, of which Freie Universität is also a member. Under the leadership of the University of Oxford, the universities are committed to promoting young academics and European integration. You can find further information on the Europaeum and upcoming events here.