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Erasmus+ Graduate Internships

Extended deadlines due to the pandemic

Jan 06, 2021

Erasmus+ Graduate Internships

Erasmus+ Graduate Internships
Image Credit: StartupStockPhotos - Pixabay

Because of the pandemic, many students had to cancel or postpone their planned Erasmus+ semesters and internships. For those who will not have an opportunity to spend time abroad before they graduate, the Erasmus+ graduate internships offer a possibility to spend time in one of the Erasmus mobility partner countries after graduation. The deadline for the internships has been extended to 18 months due to the pandemic. This is a perfect opportunity for those who are close to graduating and still wish to spend time abroad.

The application must be submitted during the student’s last year of study. The internship must be started and completed within 18 months of graduation.

Further information can be found here: www.fu-berlin.de/erasmus-praktikum.