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Beijing Office

Campus der Peking University, mit der seit 1981 eine Partnerschaft besteht, die 2011 in eine strategische Partnerschaft mündete.

Campus of Peking University, with which since 1981 a partnership exists, which resulted in a strategic partnership in 2011.
Image Credit: E. Bosco

The Beijing Office was opened in 2007 to promote study and research at the Freie Universität, to facilitate and initiate collaboration in teaching and research, and to attract Chinese PhD students and Postdocs for doing research at Freie Universität in the framework of the joint program with the China Scholarship Council.

The responsibilities of the Freie Universität Beijing Office include:

  • Furthering the exchange of students and scholars between Freie Universität, China and Hong Kong
  • Increasing the visibility of Freie Universität in China and Hong Kong and the region and highlighting its excellent academic profile
  • Informing Chinese students and scholars about German and European funding opportunities
  • Identifying suitable Chinese partners for research cooperation
  • Supporting research cooperation through the establishment of joint courses and degrees
  • Organizing alumni events and lectures in order to contribute to sustainable academic exchange

Contact the Beijing Office

To contact the Beijing Office, please follow this link.