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Funding to Support Internationalization - Overview

Internal Funding for Internationalization – Possibilities for Freie Universität Berlin Researchers

In order to support internationalization activities in research and teaching, Freie Universität offers the following central funding opportunities.

In addition to this financial assistance, we are of course ready to offer advice on any project – simply get in contact with us!

Under the umbrella of the partnerships with international universities: Travel, stipends, or expenses.

Short stays for former FUB guest scholars and scientists working abroad.

With the aim of promoting the internationalization of research at Freie Universität Berlin, Division IV: International Affairs offers FUB Professors financial support for inviting potential AvH-Fellows to FUB to jointly prepare an AvH-Fellowship application.

One- to three-month stays for guest research to promote international collaboration, regardless of their affiliation with FUB partner institutions.

Under the umbrella of the partnerships with international universities: Reimbursement of flight and visa costs.

Short stays abroad for young scientists to study (abroad) with former FUB guest researchers.

Short teaching stays (1-2 weeks) at partner institutions in Europe and selected institutions around the world.

Stays abroad at Freie Universität’s Strategic Partner Universities for research and teaching in the field of “sustainability.”

Erasmus+: short (1-2 week) stays abroad in Europe and at selected universities around the world.

Permanent Calls

Calls with Recurring Deadlines