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Research Presentation

Long Night of Sciences, Dahlem Conferences®, and KinderUni

Freie Universität Berlin provides the general public with many opportunities to participate in campus life and get to know the latest research results. This is made possible through regular annual events and programs, such as the Long Night of the Sciences, the KinderUni, and through special cooperative projects with partner institutions. Every year since 2001, the Long Night of the Sciences has been held in Berlin on a Saturday evening in May or June. Of the approximately sixty academic institutions that participate in the event, Freie Universität is one of the largest contributors. Nearly 100 of its institutes participate, and it offers about 500 different presentations and exhibits for all age groups and fields of interest. About half of the presentations are new each year.
Freie Universität Berlin is a committed, involved partner in dialog with other parties from academia and the sciences, the business sector, society at large, and the political arena on every level – regional, national, and international – and presents Berlin as a hub of scientific and academic activity that points the way to the future. Joint projects at various levels offer knowledge transfer, ensure transparency, highlight current research and its applicability, or document the quality of the results.
Hosting the Dahlem Conferences®, Freie Universität Berlin provides a superb and quite unorthodox conference platform to the world of sciences. Up to 40 scientists of various disciplines develop interdisciplinary objectives of innovative, new research fields in rather small working groups.
The KinderUni at Freie Universität takes place every fall, offering a comprehensive one-week program to school classes in grades 2 through 6.