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Profund Innovation

Culture of innovation on the Dahlem campus

Science, academia, and research provide impetus for a society’s development and help to establish and secure prosperity. Each and every day, new ideas that could make people’s lives better in the future arise at Freie Universität Berlin. We support and promote a culture of innovation on campus so that knowledge and technologies from the research sector can be applied more quickly. Profund Innovation, a service institution within the research division at Freie Universität Berlin, supports students, scholars, scientists, researchers, and alumni in the areas: applying scholarly or scientific achievements or research potential related to real-world practice, and business startups and cooperative activities with enterprises. The Patent and License Service, one part of the research division at Freie Universität Berlin, supports the protecting intellectual property and commercial exploitation of research findings. With this in mind, the services include advising inventors and IP management, entrepreneurship education, support for startups, assistance with startup financing and raising external funding from market-oriented support programs.