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Profile Database: Research Activities and Research Outside of External Funding

The profile database offers all researchers at Freie Universität Berlin an opportunity to present their own research profile, meaning to present their research and publication activities in detail, beyond external funding. Other items that can be listed in the profile database include awards, distinctions, honors, and prizes, academic offices, memberships, activities as an expert, cooperative relationships, stays as a visiting scholar or professor, and appointments to specific positions. Previously, the only way for these groups to present their own research, publications, and further scholarly and scientific activities was on the individual institute or personal websites and by way of the information on externally funded projects.

With this in mind, the goal is for the profile database to offer a detailed system of information, both for the general public and for researchers at Freie Universität, displaying research accomplishments, profiles, and developments at Freie Universität and making them accessible. The Web presentation is, however, currently limited to the intranet of Freie Universität Berlin. In addition, research projects can be searched according to specific disciplines and topics, like in the externally funded project database. This brings greater transparency not only to the scholarly and scientific activities at the university, but also to similar research interests and priorities, potentially giving rise to research cooperation and interdisciplinary collaboration between researchers at the university and individual institutions.

Researchers based at Freie Universität Berlin can use a Web form to post their own research profiles in the database. Access is password-protected. For more information, please click here.