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Lilia Becker, St. Petersburg (Russia)

I am Lilia, 31 years old, a trained medical assistant and in my third semester of a master’s program in art history. Since the end of August, I have been in St. Petersburg through a direct exchange program of Freie Universität. I am here to broaden my background in art history and do research for my master’s thesis on reprisals against artists during Stalinism. I hope that my letters will contribute to giving others a more complex impression of Russia and to encourage other students to spend a semester abroad here.

The Many Facets of Russia

The last letter from Saint Petersburg! At the end of the semester, Lilia Becker traveled across the country.

Rain, Not Snow

Lilia Becker’s third letter from St. Petersburg tells of Russia’s mild winter and moving conversations at the end of the semester

From Stalin to Putin: Romanticizing History

A letter from St. Petersburg: Nostalgia for the past keeps popping up wherever Lilia Becker goes.

Privyet from St. Petersburg!

A letter from Russia! Lilia Becker travels through the former Soviet Union to St. Petersburg and finds an apartment by the city’s grand boulevard.