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VI C: Research Funding and Information

Rudeloffweg 25-27
14195 Berlin
+ 49 30 838-459 035

VI C Head of Team 

Policy matters related to research funding, research strategy; proposal advice for the Institute of Chemistry and Biochemistry and for the University Library and the Center for Digital Systems

VI C 1

Proposal advice for the Department of Education and Psychology, the Department of Law, the School of Business and Economics and the Institute for East European Studies

VI C 3

Proposal advice for the Department of Veterinary Medicine, the Department of Earth Sciences, the Institute of Biology and the Institute of Pharmacy, Botanical Garden and Botanical Museum (BGBM)

VI C 5

Proposal advice for the Department of History and Cultural Studies, the Department of Physics, the Institute of Mathematics and the Central Institute: Dahlem School of Education

VI C 6

Proposal advice for the Department of Philosophy and Humanities, the Institute for Latin American Studies, the John F. Kennedy Institute for North American Studies and the Central Facilities except BGBM

VI C 7

Proposal advice for the Department of Political and Social Sciences, the Institute of Computer Science and the Central University Administration


Advice and assistance with proposals for the European Research Council (ERC) from all the academic departments, academic awards, science prizes

VI C Una.Resin

Project Manager "Towards a common Una Europa RESearch and INnovation ecosystem (Una.Resin)”


Forms, Info Sheets, and Help with Applications for Externally Funded Research Projects