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Interdisciplinary Centers and Excellence Clusters

In the laboratory of the Institute of Chemistry and Biochemistry

In a laboratory at the Institute of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Image Credit: David Ausserhofer

Focus Areas

  • Center for Area Studies (CAS)
    The Center for Area Studies facilitates regional competence at Freie Universität by supporting research clusters across various disciplines in the humanities and social sciences in certain geographical regions.
  • Dahlem Humanities Center (DHC)
    DHC aims to cluster Freie Universität's research priorities in the most complete range of disciplines in the humanities to be found in all of Germany.
  • DynAge - Disease in Human Aging
    In the DynAge Focus Area (Disease in Human Aging – Dynamics at the Level of Molecules, Individuals, and Society), age-related disease processes are investigated using an interdisciplinary approach.
  • NanoScale – Functional Materials at the Nanoscale
    Within the Focus Area “Functional Materials at the Nanoscale,” researchers explore the properties of nanoscale systems. The systems range from nanotubes and nanoparticles over macromolecules up to peptides and proteins.

Excellence Clusters