Benin’s art history from Dahomey to present

27.02.2020 - 28.02.2020

Internationaler Workshop

The workshop aims at elaborating the contours of an art history of Benin that takes into account the (art-) historical processes of the precolonial kingdom Dahomey as well as the trans-regional entanglements of the postcolonial state.

It will bring together in-depth case studies of different (art) historical periods - reflecting historical, modern and contemporary art in relation to the visual culture of Benin: In a first part, we will discuss art production under mainly (royal and governmental) patronage - as in the kingdom of Dahomey in the precolonial as colonial era (17th-19th century), in times of post-independence (1960-1974), in Benin’s socialist era (1974-1990) and in the state-organized Vodun-Festivals in the context of the country’s democratization (early 1990s).

In a second part, we will reflect on more recent independent artist initiatives and their art production (mid-1990ies) as well as on contemporary art in new transnational networks (biennials, independent art spaces) in the era of neoliberalism (since 2000).

Zeit & Ort

27.02.2020 - 28.02.2020

Freie Universität, Fabeckstraße 23–25, 14195 Berlin, Raum 2.2058