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Jill Casid - Queer Deformativity

31.05.2018 | 18:00 - 20:00

Mark Morrisroe, Jack Pierson, and Jimmy De Sana at Pat Hearn

Ultimately, what binds Mark Morrisroe, Jack Pierson, and Jimmy De Sana at Pat Hearn is not a matter of social context or the particular support structures for artistic viability. As relations that hinge on careers shaped by life-threatening illnesses (Pierson receiving his HIV diagnosis at thirty-two, Morrisroe and De Sana dying from AIDS-related complications at thirty and forty, respectively, and Hearn dying of cancer at forty-five), apprehending the main lines of their ties (economic, affective, and aesthetic) demands the rub of rupture—what is unsustained and unsustainable, what defies permanence, what dies; it is to reckon with the ambivalently creative force of doing things with being undone. What binds the work that Morrisore, Pierson, and De Sana showed at Pat Hearn Gallery is its exercise of the uneasy power of the deformative at the haunted beginnings of queer theory.

The event will be followed by a reception.

The lecture series is part of the DFG-funded research project ”Aesthetics of Desire: Counter-hegemonic Visualizations of Bodies, Sexuality, and Gender” at Freie Universität Berlin

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