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Emotion in Motion

24.05.2018 - 25.05.2018

Early Modern Families and Communities in Transnational and Global Historical Perspective


Thursday, May 24th in Room JK 26-140 (Silberlaube, Habelschwerdter Allee 45)

  • 2.30 pm Welcome Coffee & Tea
  • 3.00 pm Opening by Margaret Hunt (University of Uppsala) and Claudia Jarzebowski (FU Berlin): “Emotion in Motion. Early Modern Families and Communities in Transnational and Global Historical Perspective.”
  • 3.30 pm Julia Holzmann (University of Bremen): “Trafficked and Abused. Slaves and Servitus in the Dutch Republic of the 18th Century.”
  • 4.00 pm Comment by Mary Lindemann (University of Miami), Discussion
  • 4.45 pm Refreshments
  • 5.30 pm Roundtable: “Chronologies in Global History” in Lecture Hall HS 1B (Silberlaube)
    Sebastian Conrad (FU Berlin), Thomas Ertl (University of Vienna), Margaret Hunt (University of Uppsala), Mary Lindemann (University of Miami), Claudia Jarzebowski (Moderation)
  • 7.00 pm Reception
  • 8.00 pm Dinner at a local Restaurant

Friday, May 25th in Room 2.2059 (Holzlaube, Fabeckstr. 23-25)

  • 9.45 am Coffee & Tea
  • 10.00 am Francisca Hoyer (University of Uppsala): “Travelers in the East Indies and their Left-Behind Families: Handling Absence and the Experience of Loss Abroad (18th century)”
  • 10.30 am Comment by Claudia Ulbrich (FU Berlin), Discussion
  • 11.15 am Coffee & Snacks
  • 11.45 am Sebastian Kühn (University of Hannover): “Families in Absentia: How to Deal with Gaps in Kinship Networks”
  • 12.15 pm Comment by Francisca Hoyer, Discussion
  • 1.00 pm Lunch
  • 2.00 pm Margaret Hunt (University of Uppsala): “Animals and Emotions in the Early Modern World”
  • 2.30 pm Comment by Sebastian Kuehn, Discussion
  • 3.15 pm Coffee & Tea
  • 3.45 pm Debra Blumenthal (University of California/ Santa Barbara): “Masters, Slave Women, and their Children in 15th century.”
  • 4.15 pm Comment by Margaret Hunt, Discussion

Walk to the venue for the Evening Lecture

  • 5.30 pm Claudia Jarzebowski (FU Berlin): “Love is in the Air. How Early Modern Families bridged Distances in Time and Space.”
  • 7.00 pm Reception/Welcome by Sabine Schuelting on behalf of TEEME

Starting from the subway station Dahlem Dorf (line U3, turquoise) turn directly right from the historical station building into Brümmerstraße and after 100m please turn left into Fabeckstraße, which you should follow 400m till your reach an open-area place with small cherry trees. At this point turn right and follow the wall, till you reach the corner of the building with two entrances (one on the right side and another one in front of you).

On Thursday please enter the building by the entrance in front of you and go straight ahead till you reach a corridor on the left, named Straße 26. Please enter it and walk on, till you reach a red carpet (coming from the blue one). After that you cross a big corridor and afterwards the room of the day will be the first one on the left, named JK 26 / 140.

In the afternoon there will also be a room change for the roundtable discussion (noted in the program). Therefore just go back on Straße 26 to the big corridor with the blue carpet and then turn left to follow it up through the open-air theatre atrium, reentering the building and just after a few steps turn left, till you reach the entrance of Lecture Hall Hörsaal HS 1b on your left.

On Friday just take the right entrance and walk through the doors of the Judaistik institute, till you reach an elevator on your left, which you should take to second floor, where you directly find room 2.2059 in the conference area on top of the building.

Weitere Informationen

Prof. Dr. Claudia Jarzebowski: claudia.jarzebowski@fu-berlin.de
Student Assistant Felix B. Kliese: felix@kliese.de