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Gender Lunch Talks - Lunch mitbringen und mitdiskutieren!

08.02.2018 | 12:30 - 13:30

Das Margherita-von-Brentano-Zentrum präsentiert dieses Wintersemester 2017-2018 Projekte und neu Erscheinungen aus dem Bereich der Geschlechterforschung der Freien Universität Berlin.

Am 08.02.2018 mit Input von: Dr. Roderick Galam

Young Filipino men, servitude and the moral economy of becoming a seafarer and attaining adulthood

To get a job as a seafarer in the global maritime industry, thousands of male Filipino youths work for free as ‘utility men’ for manning agencies that supply seafarers to ship operators around the world. Based on ethnographic fieldwork and approached from a moral economy perspective, this presentation examines how manning agencies and utility men differentially rationalise this exploitative work (utility manning).
Manning agencies use it as a technology of servitude that, through physical and verbal abuse and other techniques, enforces docility to prepare utility men for the harsher conditions on-board a ship. In contrast, utility men use it as a technology of imagination, gleaning from it a capacity to shape their future. Faced with little social possibilities in the Philippines, they deploy servitude as a strategy for attaining economic mobility and masculine adulthood.

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Zeit & Ort

08.02.2018 | 12:30 - 13:30

Habelschwerdter Allee 45, Raum KL 29/135 (Rost- und Silberlaube)

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Ansprechpartnerin: Jennifer Chan
E-Mail-Adresse: jennifer.chan@fu-berlin.de