Schwerpunktprogramm 1991: Taxon-Omics: New Approaches for Discovering and Naming Biodiversity

News vom 26.05.2016

Taxonomy is the science most directly relevant for documenting and understanding changes in biodiversity, whether from species loss or from species introduction. Over the past ten years, this field has undergone a major shift because of its move towards DNA-based data, which can readily be shared. Research in this Priority Programme encompasses modern taxonomic approaches to discover, name, and quantify organismal diversity as the basis for documenting, assessing, and mitigating changes in biodiversity.

Termin: 15.07.2016 (summary of the proposed research), 14.09.2016 (proposals)
Adresse: DFG, Kennedyallee 40, 53175 Bonn, Maria Borre, Tel.: 0228/885-2731, Dr. Myriam Poll, Tel.: 0228/885-2851
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