Interreg Baltic Sea Region

News vom 05.04.2016

Interreg Baltic Sea Region is an EU funding Programme that facilitates transnational cooperation in the region. Partners from countries around the Baltic Sea work together in transnational projects to address common key challenges and opportunities. The funding is mainly directed at public authorities, research and training institutions, NGOs, sectoral agencies and associations and enterprises.

Second call for applications: Interreg Baltic Sea Region is launching its first call for applications for Priority 1 "Capacity for innovation", Priority 2 "Management of natural resources" and Priority 3 "Sustainable transport".

Termin: 01.06.2016
Adresse: Joint Secretariat Rostock, c/o Investitionsbank Schleswig-Holstein (IB.SH), Grubenstrasse 20, 18055 Rostock, Tel.: 0381/45484 5281
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