Schwerpunktprogramm 2006: Compositionally Complex Alloys – High Entropy Alloys (CCA-HEA)

News vom 24.10.2016

The aim of this Priority Programme is to develop CCA and HEA with outstanding mechanical properties or displaying unusual phenomena, which cannot be obtained in conventional alloys, or be explained by current textbook-level theory. Within this programme, alloys with five or more elements are targeted, each having a concentration between 5 and 35 at. %.

The Priority Programme will comprise two branches:

  • High entropy alloys, HEA, which are defined within this Priority Programme as single solid solution phases, preferably with simple crystal structures.
  • Compositionally complex alloys, CCA, consisting of multiphase microstructures with two or more phases, which may include a solid solution phase.
Termin: 15.02.2017
Adresse: DFG, Kennedyallee 40, 53175 Bonn, Sergej Wachtel, Tel.: 0228/885-2241
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