Harry Otten Prize: A Prize for Innovation in Meteorology

News vom 24.11.2016

A substantial part of the national gross product in many countries is weather dependent. National weather services and the private sector have been innovative for more than a century to make better use of our meteorological knowledge. However, large gains are still to be made and the prize encourages individuals and groups to propose ideas how meteorology in a practical way can further move society forward. Meteorology can make society safer, can deliver costs savings, and improve the lives of large groups of people.

The winner of the competition will receive €25,000 in cash and it is also foreseen to grant a lower amount to the second and third prize. Winners will retain full rights to their ideas.

Termin: 10.03.2017
Adresse: Stichting Harry Otten Foundation, Heelsumseweg 27, 6721 GP Bennekom , Niederlande
Kontakt: application@harry-otten-prize.org
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