Networks in Latin America

Bild: Das Verbindungsbüro der Freien Universität in Brasilien befindet sich in der Wirtschafts- und Finanzmetropole São Paulo
Freie Universität’s Liaison Office in Brazil is located in the economic and financial metropolis of São Paulo. Image Credit: São Paulo Turismo

The Liaison Office in São Paulo aims to support academic collaboration between Freie Universität and the universities and research centers in Brazil and other parts of Latin America.

News from May 02, 2016

Through its Liaison Office in São Paulo Freie Universität offers support for researchers of Freie Universität and Latin America who aim to initiate or increase cooperation. The Liaison Office promotes the university’s visibility in the entire Latin American region to attract students and researchers to study or conduct research in Berlin-Dahlem. To this end the Office organizes events for young researchers as well as academic conferences.

Research on Latin America has been firmly established at Freie Universität since the 1970s. The Institute for Latin American Studies (LAI) is one of three Central Institutes of Freie Universität and brings together the university’s broad expertise on the region. In 2010 the interdisciplinary Research Center for Brazil Studies was set up at LAI.

Freie Universität works particularly closely with the outstanding Brazilian universities in São Paulo and Campinas. The long-standing student exchange program between Freie Universität and the University of São Paulo (USP) was expanded in 2011. Since then five students enrolled in any field at either of the two universities can spend part of their studies at the partner university. In 2013 an agreement was reached with Universidade Estadual de Campinas (Unicamp), opening up new opportunities for student exchange between Campinas and Berlin. Several other exchange agreements provide additional opportunities for students.

Freie Universität’s Liaison Office in Brazil was set up in October 2010 in collaboration with the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). The office is located in the German House of Science and Innovation in São Paulo (DWIH), which is the focal point for research and innovation expertise from Germany. It is headed by Nora Jacobs.

Freie Universität’s international network comprises seven liaison offices that offer academics from Freie Universität regional expertise and local contacts. The focus of the offices varies according to location.