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Platform for Plant Sciences

DCPS is an important hub for a worldwide network of plant research.
DCPS is an important hub for a worldwide network of plant research. Image Credit: Bernd Wannenmacher

Plant scientists from different disciplines work closely together as part of the Focus Area “Dahlem Centre of Plant Sciences (DCPS).” Their research aims to contribute to a better understanding of plant diversity, as well as to preserve diversity while allowing for a sustainable use of plants.

News from Jan 22, 2015

The Centre of Plant Sciences, which took up its work in 2009, brings together a range of previously separate working areas of research and provides a platform for the development of new research fields. Currently, there are 165 researchers in 21 research groups devoted to the two key themes: Diversity and Function; Plant and Environment.

Regional, National, and International Cooperation

With 18 regional, numerous national, and more than 20 international partner institutions, DCPS is an important hub for a worldwide network of plant research. Each year DCPS hosts more than 100 visiting researchers from about 40 countries.

Over 100 Years of Expertise and Experience

The Focus Area builds on a historic foundation. At the beginning of the 20th century, there was already an internationally significant center of plant sciences in Berlin-Dahlem. In 1907 the Botanic Garden, which has one of the widest variety of plant species in the world, and the Botanical Museum were moved to Dahlem (BGBM), where the Institute of Pharmacy was located and several other institutes such as Plant Physiology followed later. The two together attract about 300,000 visitors and researchers annually.

Excellent Support for Young Researchers

DCPS supports young scientists early in their career. There are currently seven young investigators’ groups working at DCPS. More than 70 graduate students working toward a doctorate are being trained in the Plant Sciences graduate school, which is part of Dahlem Research School.

Five interdisciplinary focus areas have been identified and established at Freie Universität so far.