Exchange Programs for Students

Studenten des Europa-Kolleg in Brügge, Belgien, zu Gast an der Freien Universität im Mai 1953.
Students from Europe College in Bruges, Belgium, as guests at Freie Universität in May of 1953. Image Credit: Reinhard Friedrich / Freie Universität Berlin, Universitätsarchiv

Exchange programs for students have had a special status at Freie Universität from the beginning. The first exchange took place in 1949 with Stanford University. Currently, the university has 105 university-wide partnerships with scholarly institutions worldwide. The Europe-wide exchange programs ERASMUS, SOCRATES, and TEMPUS are as much a part of Freie Universität's current activities as the DAAD program is.

Mention should also be made of Freie Universität's own Berlin Program for Advanced German and European Studies, which came into being with the help of the Volkswagen Foundation. This is for students from the United States whose research has a demonstrable connection with Berlin. Of similar importance are the Ernst Reuter Fellowship, which make it possible for students from Freie Universität and its affiliated universities to spend one year studying abroad.

Since 1998, the International Summer and Winter University (FUBiS) has been held at Freie Universität. FUBiS mostly offers courses held in English. The International Club of Freie Universität, founded in the winter semester of 1997–98, has as its aim the integration of foreign students and the promotion of intercultural dialogue.

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