Replacement and Duplicates

Charges for replacements in case of loss/damage (in accordance with the schedule of fees deliniated in the “Gebührenordnung Land Berlin”):

  • complete replacement of semester documents (enrollment certificates, study book page and student ID), currently 12,28 €
  • student ID/semester ticket transportation pass, currently 10,23€
  • enrollment certificate or other certificates provided by Student Administration, currently 6,14 €

The replacement of documents may be arranged in person at Student Services Center (SSC) or during Student Administration office hours.

  • Payments can be made in cash or by EC card. Should a replacement be needed instantly, please visit Student Administration during office hours in person.
  • Alternatively, when transferring the amount through your bank account (see Addresses and Bank Accounts of Freie Universität Berlin) you will simultaneously need to inform Student Administration by mail or e-mail. Your information should include the kind of replacement needed, relevant semester of replacement documents, date of your payment transaction and your preferred method of delivery (pick-up or postal mail). The mailing of your replacement document(s) will be arranged once your payment has been received and processed by the Freie Universitaet Berlin accounting department and may take up to 10 days.

 Document replacements are also available for previous semesters.