Student and Exam Statistics

Since the winter semester of 1976, Freie Universität Berlin has been publishing data on its students each semester. Information on international students, examinations, libraries, and staff were formerly reported on an annual basis. In 1995, the university began including international students in the student statistical information as well.

For an overview of the booklets of student statistics published by the university, which can be reviewed at the university library (in German only), click here (pdf-file).

You can also see student statistical information grouped by semester below, starting with the 2007 summer semester (in German only).The information for the summer semester is published in June and the information for the winter semester is published in December.

For internal Freie Universität analysis purposes, please use the statistics database. The database gives users added flexibility in designing their queries, since, for example, it is easier to distinguish between groups within auditor or student status.

Starting in the 2009/2010 winter semester, information on the final exams that have been passed (including doctoral candidacies) is also available online per semester. The exam information for the summer semester is published the following February and the exam information for the winter semester is published the following August.

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