A re-registration request is sent only by e-mail to your FU-/Zedat-email address about four weeks before end of the re-registration period begins (on the final Friday of the period when classes are in session).

You can obtain access using your Freie Universität account stating your user name and password to use this feature.

If you have not activated your account yet (student account, no staff account), please activate it urgently! Please contact the service unit of Zedat:

Via the student records and registration office’s portal there will be the possibility to use online re-registration.

For the payment of fees and contributions, please enter only the purpose specified via the online re-registration. Please provide no further information as the stated purpose.

This request contains information on the re-registration process and the documents to be presented. 

Students are required to re-register within the specified re-registration period even if they do not receive this form.

In the event of late submission of their documents, students are charged a late submission fee, currently € 19.94. If a student fails to re-register, the process of removing that student from the register of students (Exmatrikulation) will be initiated.

For specific information on deadlines, please see the Calendar.

We issue only one page with student ID, study book, fee receipt and one certificate of registration. Further certificates of registration can be printed online by you. Please save your printed certificate of enrollment for your own records, so you can access it at a later point in time.

Further information