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Fees and Contributions

Except in the case of continuing education courses and auditing, Freie Universität Berlin does not charge any tuition fees (Studiengebühren) for undergraduate programs. Instead, the university only charges “semester fees and contributions” (Semestergebühren and Semesterbeiträge). The Student Records and Registration Office can provide information on exceptions. For information on the legal bases for the assessment of fees and contributions, please click here (pdf-file).


For the winter semester 2016/17, the total required is € 304.29 broken down as follows:

  • € 50.00 as the enrollment / re-registration fee (Immatrikulationsgebühr or Rückmeldegebühr, respectively),

  • € 51.69 as the social contribution (Sozialbeitrag) to the student union (Studierendenwerk),

  • € 8.70 € 7.50 as a contribution to student government (Studierendenschaft) and € 1.20 for financing Semester Ticket Office

  • € 193.90 for the semester ticket transportation pass (Semesterticket), Fee Zone ABC, including € 5.00 for the social fund (Sozialfond).

For more information, please consult the Student Records and Registration Office or the Semester Ticket Office of the AStA.

Students who have a valid disabled ID card (Schwerbehindertenausweis) with an insert entitling them to use public transit at no charge are exempt from the fee for the Semesterticket transit pass. Please submit copies of the abovementioned documents to the Student Records and Registration Office as proof of your exempt status.

The Semesterticket transit pass fee will be deducted from your tuition and fees.

Further information on fees

Information on the fee accounts (Gebührenkonten) of Freie Universität Berlin can be obtained from the Info Service Studium.

Like enrollment, re-registration is not considered to have taken place until the appropriate sum has been paid in full to the account of Freie Universität Berlin and all other requirements have been met. If you are transferring funds from abroad, please be sure to transfer the applicable bank fees as well. After that, the semester documents are sent via mail. We issue only one page with student ID, study book, fee receipt and one certificate of registration. Further certificates of registration can be printed online by you. Please save your printed certificate of enrollment for your own records, so you can access it at a later point in time.

This means that it is vital for each student to provide his or her current address (see address change form) promptly.

For the payment of fees and contributions, please enter only the purpose specified via the online re-registration. Please provide no further information as the stated purpose.

Student IDs with semester tickets must not be laminated. Your student ID is also your ID card for the libraries of Freie Universität Berlin.

Other fees

The university also charges fees for continuing education courses, for auditing students, and for late submissions (late submission fee currently € 19.94) as well as replacement / duplicates of a student ID, a page from a study book, or another type of study certificate issued by the Student Records and Registration Office.