Replacement and Duplicates

You have to pay a fee (based on the scale of charges and fees of the Federal Land of Berlin) for replacement and duplicates:

  • for a complete new print of the semester papers is currently 12,28 €,
  • for the student identity card 10,23 €,
  • for a page from a study book or another type of study certificate issued by the Student Records and Registration Office you currently pay 6,14 € per page

Replacement and duplicates can be applied at Student Services Center or during personal office hours.

  • You can pay in cash or by EC card. The replacement or duplicate can only be issued during office hours.
  • If you decide to make a bank transfer (fee accounts) you have to make an informal application by mail or e-mail. The application shall indicate which replacement or duplicate you apply for which semester, the date of your bank transfer and the method of delivery. The document(s) will be sent to your postal address upon receipt of payment on the bank account of FU Berlin. This normally takes about 10 days.

It is possible to apply retroactively for replacement and duplicates.