Application Procedure for Prospective Students with Non-German General University Entrance Qualification (regardless of citizenships)

(programs toward bachelor’s degrees and state examinations (Staatsexamen))

General information

Application periods

Information about uni-assist

Application for the first semester

Application for higher semesters

General information

Freie Universität offers a wide range of study programs. Please see the link for detailed information concerning study programs.

Some study programs require specific language skills, which have to be proven within enrollment at Freie Universität Berlin. For more information see “Specific Requirements for Admission to Freie Universität Berlin”.

Many of the programs toward the degree of Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science offered at Freie Universität Berlin consist of a core subject and either two modules, with 30 credit points (Leistungspunkte, LP) required in each, or one module of 60 credit points. Your application is not complete unless you have applied for both the core subject and the module(s); only then will your application be considered in the admission process. Note: please always check in advance the possibilities of combinations (available in German only) whether the desired combination of core subject and module(s) is permitted.

Those who have turned 55 before the application deadlines for the first semester (summer semester January 15 and winter semester July 15) can only be considered in the admission process if there are - regarding the personal situation - serious scientific or occupational reasons for taking up studies.

German and foreign applicants, who have obtained a German university entrance qualification (Hochschulzugangsberechtigung), please read the following information.

German and international prospective students with international university entrance qualifications (also IB-Diploma, Europäische Abiturprüfungor or the Assesment Exam of a Studienkolleg), we would like to inform you on application procedures on this website.

For the first semester of the Freie Universität programs in pharmacy and veterinary medicine and for programs offered by Charité-Universitätsmedizin Berlin (e.g., medicine, dentistry), prospective students from EU member states as well as those from Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Norway submit applications to the central body that awards university placements in Germany, the Stiftung für Hochschulzulassung (Foundation for Higher Education Admissions, in German). Please apply via

Applies to all other applicants:

For all other study programs with restricted or non-restricted admission capacity, for the first as well as higher semester and for Studienkolleg (a one-year preparation course to study at a German higher education institution) you have to apply via uni-assist.

For some degree courses places to study in the first semester will be allocated within the “Dialogorientiertes Serviceverfahren” (dialogue-orientated service procedure). If you wish to apply via uni-assist for one of these study programs, you need a BID and BAN when filling out the online form on the uni-assist website. Please register at to receive a BID (applicant ID) and BAN (applicant authentication number). Detailed information concerning the service procedure and registration can be found on the following website.

Application periods

Please read the academic calendar of Freie Universität to check the application deadlines. We recommend to submit your application about six weeks before the deadline to uni-assist.

Please note: only the “received date” of the application of admission at uni-assist is decisive (not the postmark); applications via fax or e-mail are not accepted. Applications that are received by mail after the deadline will be rejected due to exceeding the deadline.

Information about uni-assist

On behalf of Freie Universität Berlin uni-assist (Arbeits- und Servicestelle für Internationale Studienbewerbungen) pre-checks applications from applicants holding foreign higher education qualifications.

  • Uni-assist reviews applications exclusively according to Freie Universität Berlin’s standards. On behalf of Freie Universität Berlin only complete applications will be forwarded
  • Uni-assist informs you about the result of the pre-check by e-mail and by mail at the same time. Please make sure to state your current e-mail address and mailing address for your application.
  • You can inform yourself about the status of you application, dates of language tests, as well as the mailing dates of notifications via our online applicant information, as soon as uni-assist has forwarded your application to Freie Universität.

The final decision about participation in the admission process is made by the devision Application and Enrollment International (Bewerbung und Immatrikulation International) of Freie Universität Berlin. Freie Universität Berlin will send you a notification stating the result of the admission process. Please note: uni-assist processes the applications according to date of receipt. Uni-assist usually needs about four to six weeks for the processing, even longer towards the end of the application deadline.
We recommend that you check carefully on the basis of the below-mentioned list which documents are required and to submit your application in time so that you can submit possibly missing documents by the deadline. The extension of the deadline is not possible!

A fee is required for the pre-screening of the application by uni-assist. Your application will not be processed by uni-assist until the payment has been credited on the uni-assist account. To speed up the processing of your documents, please include a proof of payment with your application (proof of deposit or funds transfer of the fee to the account of uni-assist).

You can submit simultaneous applications to multiple member universities via uni-assist by submitting your certificates only once.

Please note: parallel applications via uni-assist for programs at Freie Universität and Charité are not permitted, because the institution of Charité is affiliated with both Freie Universität Berlin and with Humboldt-Universität and is thus considered part of both of these universities.

Please read the important information on this page before changing to the uni-assist website!

Application for the first subject-specific semester

  1. Please fill out the appropriate online application form carefully (see Online Account / link to the uni-assist online portal for applicants) and do not forget to transmit it to uni-assist. (The Freie Universität Berlin will only accept applications provided with made up via the uni-assist online form!)
  2. Print the application form, sign it, enclose the required documents and send it via mail to uni-assist by the deadline.
  3. Applicants coming from China, Mongolia or Vietnam have to submit the original certification from an Academic Evaluation Centre (Akademische Prüfstelle (APS)) in addition to the required documents. Academic Evaluation Centres are service institutions of the  Cultural Affairs Section of the German Embassies in cooperation with the German Academic Exchange Service (Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (DAAD)). Academic Evaluation Centres are located in Peking, Hanoi and Ulan Bator.
  4. Check carefully on the basis of the following list if your application is complete.

Uni-assist needs the following documents in addition to the signed application form of all applicants as officially certified copy to review the formal requirements:

school leaving and university certificates which are part of your university entrance qualification
official translation of certificates  if issued in any language other than German or English
proof of sufficient knowledge of German TestDaF level 3 in each of the four parts of the exam, or Niveau B2 GER (Mittelstufe II) successfully completed at a language school, or German Abitur
earlier university degree or certificate if you are Zweitstudienbewerber/in” (second courses of study)
The following documents have to be submitted but are not required as officially certified copies:
copy of piece of identification that shows your full surname, first name and passport photo all applicants
written statement of serious scientific or occupational reasons if one has turned 55
explanatory statement why a second degree is needed if you are “Zweitstudienbewerber/in” (second courses of study)
proof of deposit or funds transfer of the fee to the account of uni-assist all applicants

If you hold the German or an EU citizenship or if you hold the citizenship of Iceland, Liechtenstein, or Norway and want to make a special application (Sonderantrag), please submit the following documents in addition to the above mentioned:

  • a completed special applications sheet
  • officially certified copy of proofs/ attestations supporting the special application
  • recent proof of squad-membership: if you belong to a A-, B-, C- or D/C-squad, built on federal level, belonging to a federal association of DOSB and catered by an Olympic station (OSP) in Berlin or Brandenburg you need

In case you are entitling for a preferential admission please see the website for detailed information.

Applicants with professional qualifications entitling to study at a university please see the website on detailed information about the required documents.

Incomplete applications will not be transferred to the Freie Universität by uni-assist.

Please note: prospective students are permitted to apply to only one program at Freie Universität Berlin during an application period.

Application for higher subject-specific semesters

If you have already started a course of study at another university and wish to continue your studies at Freie Universität, please apply for a higher semester. For detailed information concerning the application for higher semesters, please see the following website.

Please note: if you have started your studies in an EU member state, you are treated as “Studienortwechsler/in" (transfer student from another location).

Please use for applying for higher semesters the same form and send the same documents via mail to uni-assist as for the first subject-specific semester . A copy of your enrollment certificate is required additionally, if not issued in German or English together with a translation.

Address for application documents (please use the online application form only)

Freie Universität Berlin
c/o uni-assist e.V.
Geneststraße 5
10829 Berlin


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