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International Relations Online (Blended Learning)

- Continuing education

Department of Political and Social Sciences
Center for Global Politics
ContactSabine Pag and Anja Peters
Address:Garystr. 55
14195 Berlin
Telephone:(030) 838-540 33
Fax:(030) 838-454 033

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For admittance to the master’s program applicants need to fulfill the following admission requirements:

  • Applicants must hold an initial degree (bachelor’s degree or equivalent) in a subject related to international relations (IR).

  • Participants must prove a minimum of one year work experience in addition to their undergraduate or first degree.

The admission is limited.

  • Tuition fees total 16,500 Euro for the full-time program and 17,500 Euro for the part-time program (plus administrative charges and bank charges if applicable).

The IR Online program is a full two-year Master’s program designed to enhance your career perspectives in IR-related fields and to further qualify you to work in governmental agencies or private enterprises as well as in international organizations and NGOs. As a blended learning program, it combines periods of guided self study with four in-house classes throughout the course. The program invites participants to study tools and methods of academic and applied research; theories of IR; and innovative approaches to studying global politics as well as the prevailing issues of IR such as globalization, European politics, international political economy, international law, international security, migration, conflict management, and more. Students choose a focus area: Global Politics or Area Studies (Eastern Europe).

Admission for the 1st semesterLimited admissions
Admission for higher semestersNo admission
Application and registration period15.12. - 30.09. (online applications only)
Program startWinter semester
DegreeMaster of Arts (M.A.)
Duration4 semesters