Language requirements for ERASMUS incoming students

German Language requirements / English Language requirements (JFK Institute)

 As you already know, most courses at the Freie Universität Berlin are conducted in German. In order to successfully complete modules and courses, you must first demonstrate sufficient German language skills.

in the humanities and social sciences:
level 3 TestDaF (in all four areas) or European language certificate B.2.1 – in accordance with the Council of Europe scale.

at the John F. Kennedy Institute for North American Studies:
European language certificate C.1 – in accordance with the Council of Europe scale or - alternatively - you can hand in a C.1 English language certificate.

in the natural sciences:
European language certificate B.1.1 – in accordance with the Council of Europe scale.

Additional information: TestDaF-Institute / Goethe-Institute.

If at the beginning of the semester it is determined that your German language skills do not meet the above language certificate levels, courses in the field of study will not be possible at the Freie Universität Berlin, rather only a German language course provided that there are still places available.The registration for German language courses during the Orientations Days is absolutely necessary.

In order to give you an opportunity to test your level of German, we would like to ask you to take an online German language test. It is mandatory for all students to take this test. Please send us the results of the test until August, 31st (see description below) via e-mail to

Attention:If German is your mother tongue, you do not need to take the language test.

Students who have been admitted to one of the few study programmes which are taught in English predominantly need English language skills. We nevertheless urgently recommend you to get at least a beginner’s level of German language before you arrive in Berlin. Freie Universität Berlin does notoffer any German language courses for absolute beginners. It is your choice whether you take the German language test and communicate your results to us.

How do I take the German language test?

1.     Go to Deutsch-Uni Online , Registration and fill in your personal data in the Registration Form.

2.     Go again to and log in by clicking on "Login"

3.     Click “Einstufungstest”, a new window opens

4.     In this new window, click „onDaF“. Another new window opens

5.     Click there on „Einstufungstest starten“. A new window opens and the test checks, whether the settings on your computer are correct for making the test. Please follow the instructions on the screen. Please allow pop-ups!

6.     Please read all instructions concerning the test and click on „Test starten“.

7.     After finishing the test, your test results appear on the screen, please print the result to a file and add it to your application (You can use “SHIFT + PrtSc” for a screenshot and paste it into an empty MS Word document, or you can use the print command in your browser and select Microsoft XPS Document writer or any PDF printer.)

Please note:

The website Deutsch-Uni Online offers you a Guided Tour, please have a look at this video "Placement Test onDaF" before making the test

There is NO possibility to have a look at the test after having fulfilled it once! Therefore, please be cautious on point no 7 and make a screenshot/pdf print of your text result directly after having fulfilled the test!

The results of the test willnot influence your enrolment at Freie Universität Berlin. You will be admitted as an exchange student no matter which kind of test results you produce. The test is meant to help you to get a feedback about the level of your German language skills before the beginning of your stay in Berlin. You can use the remaining time before your stay in Berlin in order to work on your German language skills, for example by using the offers of DUO. These DUO-courses start every first and third Wednesday of a month. Please also consider to participate in one of our pre-semester German intensive language courses.