Information for refugees and asylum seekers

Freie Universität Berlin addresses questions from refugees, who are interested in university studies, regarding study programs and wants to show them possible ways of enrolling. For this reason, Freie Universität has launched the Welcome@FUBerlin program for refugees (including free German language classes) to help them prepare to study. Refugees, seeking additional advice beyond the information on the webpages of Freie Universität Berlin, contact Studierenden-Service-Center (Student Services Center) of Freie Universität Berlin.

Applying for the Welcome@FUBerlin program

The program is an extensive package of academic offerings and services aimed at making it easier for people who have had to flee from a conflict area to gain access to study programs. Information on the program as well as the registration for the program you can find on the website of Welcome@FUBerlin

Applying for a regular study program

Freie Universität Berlin has charged uni-assist with the preliminary examination of international certificates. The examination of certificates from persons recognized as refugees is free of charge under certain conditions. Please inform yourself on the webpage of uni-assist. For participants of the Welcome@FU program Freie Universität Berlin issues the required certificate. Please inform yourself about the possibility to pass the TestAS free of charge. For registration to the next test for refugees, please use the TestAS Candidate Portal.

During the pre-screening process it is decided whether you can start with the study program or whether you need to attend the preparatory course (Studienkolleg) first.

You can check your university entrance qualification in advance on the Anabin database (in German) or the DAAD (in English).

Uni-assist transfers applications of candidates who cannot provide all the academic records that are required, due to the escape of the home country, to Freie Universität Berlin, if the refugee status is proved by submitting a copy of the residence permit. Freie Universität Berlin will decide whether an application can be considered.

If you cannot provide any documents stating your higher education entrance qualification due to the escape, you have to prove the status as refugee by a copy of your residence permit and submit a curriculum vitae starting with elementary school. Before you can start with a study program you need to pass the Assessment Exam (Feststellungsprüfung) at the Studienkolleg. Please fill out this application form carefully and send it together with all required documents by mail to the indicated address.

Please inform yourself on our websites about the application for a regular study program: Bachelor / Master


The following documents should be submitted in order to enroll:

  • Proof of residence status: If the residence permit still says that the holder is not permitted to study (“Studium nicht gestattet”), this note can be ignored. It is NOT necessary to submit an additional request for permission to study to the Berlin Foreigners Registration Office (Ausländerbehörde) at the Berlin State Office for Civil Matters and Public Order (Landesamt für Bürger- und Ordnungsangelegenheiten).
  • Health insurance: In order to enroll a proof of health insurance for the university or a copy of exemption from compulsory coverage from a German statutory health insurance provider has to be submitted. Presenting the chip card or member ID is not sufficient.
  • Fees: Fees and contributions must be paid in full at first. Applicants can seek assistance with the semester ticket transportation pass (Semesterticket) via the Social Fund through the Semester Ticket Office (Semesterticketbüro). A hardship application can be filed with the AStA student union to cover AStA contributions, giving the applicant permanent exemption from these charges.
  • The Studentenwerk Berlin has launched an aid program for the starting phase that offers refugees up to €1000 in assistance to overcome financial barriers during the application and enrollment process.