All bachelor courses are held in German. The Institute of Biology is preparing to offer additional courses in English. If you are interested in participating, please contact Dr. Vanessa Zacher.

Winter Semester 2016/2017:

BSc (Bachelor of Science):

  • 23100 Zoologie und Evolution (Lecture); 23101a,b,c Zoologie und Evolution (Seminar) (Together: 5 Credit Points)
  • 23101 Biochemie und Mikrobiologie (Lecture); 23104a,b Biochemie und Mikrobiologie (Seminar) (Together: 5 CP)
  • 23103 Biochemie und Mikrobiologie

  • 23106 Botanik und Biodiversität (Lecture); 23107a,b,c Botanik und Biodiversität (Seminar) (Together: 5 CP)
  • 23777a, b Allgemeine Biologie für Bioinformatiker (Credit Points are possible)
  • 23776a Einführung in die Neurobiologie und Neuroinformatik für Bioinformatiker (No Credit Points if previous knowledge of the topic exists)

All courses are in German.

MSc (Master of Science):

  • 23400a, b Introduction to Advanced Biology (in English, previous knowledge of topic is required, CP possible)

A consultation about participation in these courses is necessary before registering. For further information and consultation please contact Dr. Vanessa Zacher.

For people who have previously studied biology, an internship with one of the work groups in the biology department may be possible. Please contact Dr. Vanessa Zacher.