Frequently Used Links | Websites

This page lists a limited number of useful databases and links concerning the United Nations and the European Union.

An extensive collection of databases concerning the United Nations and the European Union is accessible through the University Library's Digital Library: Select DDC class 300 (Social Sciences) and particularly subclass 341 (UN/EU).

Please take note of the Terms and Conditions of Use for Electronic Resources Licensed to the Freie Universität Berlin.

European Union

  • Curia – Rulings by the Court of Justice of the European Union and Official Publications of Rulings by the courts which, combined, form the Court of Justice of the European Union.
  • ESO (European Sources Online) – Internet-based English-language information service with bibliographic and full-text information about the EU, starting 1998/99ff. (Some coverage of websites.)
  • EU Bookshop – EU Publications.
  • EUR-Lex – Access to the Official Journal of the European Union, to EU court rulings, international agreements, EFTA documents, EU law, legal cases.
  • Eurobarometer – Search tool for trends-questions database.
  • European e-Justice Portal – Central point of access for legal topics.
  • European Parliament Legislative Observatory (OEIL) – Database for monitoring the EU decision-making process.
  • Eurostat – Key to European statistics.
  • EuroVoc – multilingual multidisciplinary thesaurus, covering the terminology for the European Union's areas of activity with emphasis on parlamentary matters.

United Nations

  • United Nations German Translation Section – Translates the General Assembly's official documents as well as the Security Council's and the Economic and Social Council's resolutions into German.
  • Official Document System (ODS) – Official Document System of the United Nations.
  • UNBISnet – United Nations bibliographic information system compiled by the Dag Hammarskjöld Library
  • UNBIS Thesaurus – Terminology used in United Nations documents and other relevant United Nations materials.
  • UNdata – Internet-based data services provided by the United Nations for users worldwide.
  • UN iLibrary – Portal to the United Nations' digital publications (FU license)
  • UNOG (The United Nations Office at Geneva) – Library and archives
  • UNTC (United Nations Treaty Collection) – Full-text collection of treaties and international agreements published by the Secretariat of the United Nations. It includes not only the actual treaties, but also reservations made by the contracting states and further information, concerning, for instance, the ratification status for the respective contracts.
  • World Bank E-Library – Online access to monographs, reports and other World Bank documents, starting with the early 1990s.
  • World Bank Data Catalog – Access to the World Bank's statistid databases, tables and reports

More Links

  • OECD iLibrary – Online library of the of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (FU-Lizenz).