Teaching Core Certificate: Part 1

Understanding Learning & Planning Teaching

Target Group

Researchers at all postdoctoral stages qualifying for the Teaching Core Certificate.


If you participate in this workshop,

  • You will understand basics of how people learn.
  • You will reflect your role as a teacher at a university and develop a professional self-concept of teaching at universities.
  • You will be able to distinguish between working processes and learning processes and design your teaching in a way to evoke and support learning processes of your students purposefully.
  • You will be able to formulate appropriate learning targets and competences
  • You will understand the role of Problems and Cognitive Dissonances for Learning and use concepts of Problem Based Learning (PBL) to design your teaching.
  • At the end of this workshop, you will come up with a plan for your next semester course as well as with an outline for the first session.
  • A constructivist model of teaching and learning
  • Target-oriented teaching and learning
  • Confinements of learning
  • Constructive Alignment
  • Working processes vs. learning processes
  • Concept of Competences
  • Bloom’s taxonomy of learning
  • Problem Based Learning (PBL)
  • A toolbox of teaching methods

Trainer Inputs,Discussion and exchange of experiences & opinions, Exercises

Please note

You are invited to bring your records and files you use for your teaching (even on laptop)