PhD Supervision Process: Methods and Tools

InstructorConsultant and part-time associate professor (PhD), Mirjam Godskesen
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RoomDahlem Research School, Hittorfstraße 16, room 004

Mon./Tue., 21 / 22 September 2015, 9:00-17:00

Target Group

Researchers involved in supervision of doctoral candidates (or who are going to be involved in the future)

  • Be able to identify challenging phases of the PhD project and be aware of upcoming crises

  • Be able to reflect on your own supervision style in a broad perspective

  • Have new ideas for your supervision from exchanging experiences with other supervisors

  • Have acquired communicative tools for active listening and giving feedback

  • Identify the PhD students' strengths and weaknesses

  • Adapt the supervision process, so the PhD students’ learning is optimized, including taking account of intercultural dimensions in the supervision

  • Be able to clarify mutual expectations between you, the PhD student and other supervisors/people connected to the project

  • Supervision style

  • Awareness of strong and weak points as a supervisor

  • Insights into your PhD students' own perspectives

  • Active listening – learn how to listen to your PhD student

  • Feedback methods

  • Collaboration agreement

  • Intercultural dimensions in supervision

  • Exchange of experiences with other supervisors 


Teaching at the course alternates between presentations, working with tools and methods, and exchanging experiences related to supervision.

Please note

Prior to course commencement, each participant must prepare a short case (maximum one page) from his or her own supervision. For example how you communicate with your PhD student or how you try to help the PhD students dealing with time management, stress, lack of self-confidence, or writer´s block. Or the challenges of supervising foreign students with other university culture backgrounds.