Quality Assurance

As one of the Dahlem Research School's core missions, quality assurance is brought to bear on the curricula of graduate programs, the work and training of doctoral candidates and postdoctoral researchers, and the work of the DRS itself. To this end, the DRS develops consistent standards that aim to safeguard high levels of quality in graduate education, doctoral supervision, and the work of junior researchers at Freie Universität Berlin.

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  • Good scientific practice practice:

The DRS is committed to good scientific practice and actively supports doctoral and postdoctoral researchers in their efforts to adhere to these standards.

  • Good doctoral supervision:

To safeguard a high quality of doctoral training, Freie Universität Berlin has published guidelines for good doctoral supervision. Please find here a template for supervision agreements in DRS member programs.

  • Standards of graduate education:

The DRS has developed quality standards of graduate education for doctoral candidates enrolled in DRS member programs. Its long-term goal is to establish these standards in other contexts as well.

  • ProFile study:

Since 2010, the DRS has been participating in the longitudinal study study ProFile, conducted by the Institute for Research Information and Quality Assurance (iFQ). The aim of the study is to accurately assess the situation and experiences of graduates of different doctoral programs. Its results feed back into the DRS quality asurance mechanisms.

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The Dahlem Research School develops coherent standards for doctoral education in graduate programs and pursues their university-wide implementation. To this end, the DRS has introduced a comprehensive quality management system with various synchronized instruments.

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  • The Dahlem Research Sschool is reviewed annually by Freie Universität’s International Council.
  • As a project of the German Excellence Initiative, DRS has been evaluated by panels of international experts in July 2010 and in January 2011.
  • Since 2010, DRS participates in the longitudinal study ProFile, conducted by the Institute for Research Information and Quality Assurance (iFQ). The DRS receives data on key quality indicators of doctoral education, collected both through comparisons between the experiences of doctoral candidates enrolled in DRS member programs and those pursuing an individual doctorate at Freie Universität Berlin and through comparisons between FU Berlin and four other universities participating in the study.
  • The DRS is evaluated regularly by those making use of its services: the participants of the DRS qualification program (Professional Development Program, Researcher Development Program, and FUBright) continuously assess its quality. Regular feedback routines with doctoral programs and candidates help to identify deficits and develop improvements.
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