Fielding Questions: Preparing for the Audience Discussion

InstructorRic Oquita
Number of Places12
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Participation Fee100€
RoomDahlem Research School, Hittorfstraße 16, 004

Thu. 28 May 2015, 9:00-17:00

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For advanced doctoral candidates and postdocs of all disciplines.


This activity- based workshop presentation course aims to help speakers evaluate and reflect on best practices for handling the question and answer session. Participants will learn how to deal with 'worst case scenarios' and handling aggressive comments and difficult questions while staying polite, confident and succinct.

They will practice listening, expanding thinking time and use the discussion to reiterate their key message. Participants will have two opportunities to test their performance in a Q&A role-play session, watch the results following video recording and get tailor-made a feedback from both the trainer and fellow participants.


  • developing effective tactics for handling difficult questions
  • thinking on one's feet
  • improving listening skills
  • using professional language
  • economizing language
  • managing anxiety
  • receiving video- feedback


  • voice and body techniques
  • partner and group work
  • language practice and analysis
  • role- play improvisation
  • videotaping and feedback

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