German Language Course for Doctoral Candidates / Beginner Level with little knowledge of German

Mar 06, 2017 | 09:00 AM

In cooperation with the university’s language Center, Dahlem Research School offers two intensive German language courses before the summer semester starts (March 6  – April 13, 2017). Both are free of charge. One is for absolute beginners and the other one is for beginners with little knowledge of German (level A1). There are only two criteria to fulfill: proving to be a doctoral candidate at Freie Universität Berlin (scan of Student ID Card, the "Immatrikulationsbescheinigung" of Freie Universität Berlin), and having no or little prior knowledge of German.

More information about this particular event and registration can be found here.

The workshop is part of FUBright for International Doctoral Candidates. This program offers you supportive services to help you cope successfully with the additional challenges you may face as an international doctoral candidate. All events are free of charge. More information about the program can be received here.

FUBright offers German language courses for international doctoral candidates on a regular basis. The classes are organized and delivered by the university's language center (Sprachenzentrum) and are free of charge. More information about those offers can be found here.