Languages of Emotion

Research Focus

The graduate school focuses on the interdependencies between language and affect. In the most widely discussed models of emotion in more recent psycho­logy, language and cultural sign systems are ignored. Conversely, the current language models in modern linguistics say little or nothing about emotional processes. The Cluster Languages of Emotion aims to reverse this trend.


Anthropology, Arabic Languages and Literature, Art History, Biology, Education, Film Studies, Japanese Philology, Linguistics, Literary Studies, Modern Philologies, Musico­logy, Philosophy, Political Science, (Neuro-)Psychology, Psychiatry, Religious Studies, Sociology, Theater and Dance Studies

Partner Institutions

Freie Universität Berlin; Humboldt University, Berlin; University of Paderborn; Swiss Center of Affective Sciences, Geneva; Vanderbilt University, Nashville, USA


01 Nov. 2007 - 31 Oct. 2014

Number of doctoral researchers supported