Cheng Dr., Chong - POINT Fellow

Chong Cheng


Institute of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Takustraße 3
Room 21.09
14195 Berlin

Sep. 2006 – July 2010           

Bachelor Degree in Biomedical Engineering, College of Materials Science and   Engineering, Sichuan University, China.


Sep. 2010 – July. 2015          

Ph.D candidate in Biomedical Engineering (Successive Postgraduate and Doctoral Programs of Study), College of Polymer Science and Engineering, Sichuan University, China.


Nov. 2013 – April 2015            

Joint-training Ph.D student supported by China Scholarship Council, Department of Chemical Engineering, Biointerfaces Institute, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. (Prof. Nicholas Kotov)


July. 2015 –                              

Postdoc Research Scientist in group of Prof. Dr. Rainer Haag, Institut für Chemie und Biochemie, Freie Universität Berlin

1. Synthetic polymers, supramolecules, nanomaterials (graphene, carbon nanotube, conductive polymers, Ag, Au) based adhesive biointerfaces and conductive scaffolds for stem cells based therapy.

2. Heparin-mimicking supramolecules/nanomaterials for growth factor stabilization and delivery, anticoagulant, anti-inflammation and their applications in tissue regeneration.

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(* for Corresponding author, 1 for Co-First author)