As a research assistant, you may be employed by a university, a non-university research organization or a company. For a description of these three different employment options, please refer to the information platform for young scientists, KISSWIN. Below, you can find some of the most extensive databases for paid doctoral positions. Before you start your search, please have a look at:

What to keep in mind while searching for a paid doctoral position


Employment Opportunities at Freie Universität Berlin


Every Monday, academic positions at Freie Universität are advertised in the Stellenanzeiger. (Mainly in German)

Databases for Paid Doctoral Positions:


The database of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) contains job offers and scholarships for doctoral candidates. (German, English)


Although this online job portal is in German, many paid doctoral positions are advertised in English.


Here you can find job offers of Forschungsverbund Berlin - a research association of eight institutes in Berlin and specialized in natural sciences, life sciences and environmental sciences. (German, English)


This online job market of the German weekly newspaper “Die Zeit“ contains a section called “Positionen & Tätigkeiten” where you can search for paid doctoral positions. (German, English)