Professional Development Program

The core of structured doctoral education is conceived as a professional experience acquired through the management of an original research project.  Professional skills are complementary to disciplinary knowledge and will enhance the doctoral or postdoctoral student’s ability to be successful in the transition from academic to work life.

Junior researchers at Dahlem Research School benefit from a wide range of resources to achieve their academic and professional goals.

Through a series of workshops, seminars and discussion panels the Professional Development Program is designed to complement the doctoral program’s academic curriculum and to provide doctoral and postdoctoral researchers with the tools necessary

  • to succeed in their research project
  • to enhance their competencies and maximize their potential, and
  • to prepare for a career in high-level international research, or as expert advisors, in academia or beyond.

The offerings of the Professional Skills Program consist of the following formats: Training, Coaching and Mentoring and are clustered around two core components:

  1. Transferable Skills Training and
  2. Career Development.

Our Open Door Lectures address all junior researchers of Freie Universität.