Further Qualification and Continuing Education

Dahlem Research School (DRS), the Continuing Education Center of Freie Universität Berlin, the Berlin Center for Higher Education Instruction (Berliner Zentrum für Hochschullehre, BZHL), and the Language Center offer various courses and events focusing on different topics in academic continuing education and further qualification.

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The career path model of Freie Universität Berlin offers systematic support for junior researchers in various phases of their career development. The Researcher Development Program of Dahlem Research School (DRS) provides postdoctoral researchers with qualifications in order to give them the best possible support in this challenging phase of their lives and careers on the path to a professorship.

The objectives of the qualification program are:

  • Strategic career development in order to support junior researchers in their individual career development
  • Professionalization for future tasks as a senior researcher, aiming at freeing up time for research activities
  • Interdisciplinary networking with other postdoctoral scholars of Freie Universität and its partners at various career stages

Participants can register for training courses and peer coaching sessions in three areas:

  1. Career Management
  2. Teaching
  3. Leadership

You can find the Conditions for Participation and the Program on the DRS website.

Alongside a broad-based qualification program for participants in DRS doctoral programs, Dahlem Research School also offers further qualification opportunities for postdocs. Any postdoc who works at one of the DRS graduate schools or research training groups as a researcher is eligible to participate. The Professional Development Program include courses and workshops on Academic Performance, Management Competencies, Career Development, and Coaching.

The Continuing Education Center is the central service institution for continuing and professional education at Freie Universität Berlin. It offers a broad spectrum of professional and continuing education courses and events aimed at various target groups.

For researchers and junior scholars and scientists, the center offers courses and events that focus in particular on key qualifications and on developing personal skills. The range of topics offered includes rhetoric and public speaking, academic writing and speaking, giving presentations in English, building an academic profile, professional academic applications, and self-presentation.

The Berlin Center for Higher Education Instruction (Berliner Zentrum für Hochschullehre, BZHL) offers academic staff a broad-based, systematic way of obtaining skills and qualifications on the topics of teaching and learning. The BZHL is sponsored by all of the state-operated higher education institutions in the state of Berlin. Its joint office is hosted by Technische Universität Berlin.

The Language Center of Freie Universität Berlin (Sprachenzentrum), one of the university’s central institutions, offers a broad range of foreign language courses. It is responsible for practical language activities in many academic programs and in general career preparation (ABV) courses.

Last Update: Mar 06, 2015