Towards more efficient solar cells

Solar panels on FUB's rooftops
Solar panels on FUB's rooftops

News from Nov 11, 2016

Scientists from Freie Universität Berlin and the University of Cambridge have found a promising way of enhancing energy efficiency in the production of solar energy. The team around the professors Jan Behrends and Robert Bittl from FUB’s Physcis Department and Leah Weiss, Dr. Akshay Rao and Professor Neil Greenham from University of Cambridge succeeded in analyzing strongly interacting triplet pais in an organic semiconductor, generated via singlet fusion. The scientists used a combination of laser light, microwaves and magnetic fields; thereby they managed to analyze Spins, that occur within excited molecular systems. Their fidings were published in the online version of the renowned journal Nature Physics.

Here you can find the full article.

This insight could also prove to be beneficial for Freie Universität Berlin. On FUB’s rooftops, 9 photovoltaic systems are already generating about 600.000 kWh of green electricity that is fed into the university’s electricity supply system. This is enough to supply around 150 four-person households with electricity over the course of a year.

More information on energy efficiency and renewable energies at FUB are available here.