Waste management at Freie Universität Berlin

Separate waste containers at Freie Universität Berlin

"Avoidance, is better than recycling, is better than disposal" – this is a classic principle of waste management, and Freie Universität Berlin is committed to this. Waste management is concerned with separating waste collections and monitoring waste flows, as well as working to ensure the correct and economical disposal of all university-related waste.

In 2011, Freie Universität's disposal costs amounted to around 330,000 €. 60 different kinds of waste were disposed of, and around 40 of these had hazardous properties and needed to be disposed of through special channels.

If you have any questions or suggestions please contact the waste management office and their team:

Wolfgang Ackermann -55884 waste management office, tenders
Holger Bertram -52655 chemical waste, disposal of batteries, toner cartridges, fluorescent tubes, and energy saving light bulbs
Julian Reckin -56782 bulky waste, electronic waste, destruction of files

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