Energy efficiency & renewable energies

Energy monitoring

The compilation, documentation and analysis of an institution’s energy consumption data forms both the basis and is a key function of operational energy management.


So-called energy efficiency programmes are carried out annually at Freie Universität, and it is within this framework that buildings and facilities are modernized and optimized in terms of energy efficiency.

Building profiles

To help keep you informed, we have made available the profiles of Freie Universität Berlin’s large institution buildings.

Combined heat and power plants (BHKW)

Combined heat and power plants (BHKW) simultaneously produce electricity and heat and are amongst the most efficient power generation facilities – in February 2013, Freie Universität Berlin commissioned 2 BHKWs.

Solar units

A total of 8 photovoltaic units with a capacity of 675 kWp are located on the roofs of various buildings belonging to Freie Universität.