Organisation of energy management

Organisation of energy management at Freie Universität Berlin

Energy efficient modernization of technical facilities and buildings, the energy saver incentive scheme, Green IT, and solar units on the roofs of the university buildings: energy management & climate protection are of great importance at Freie Universität Berlin. We have been operating a systematic energy management system since 2001, in order to systematically and sustainably reduce CO2 emissions and to implement energy consumption that is tailored to meet specific demands.

Energy management is an interdisciplinary field that encompasses planning, regulating, organising and monitoring operational energy use with the goal of consistently improving it. The most important elements of energy management at Freie Universität are:

These various measures have ensured a reduction in annual energy consumption of over 24 % or, 42 million kilowatt-hours between 2000/01 and 2012. Over the same period, energy-related CO2 emissions were also reduced by 12,500 tonnes, or by 21 %. Further information about this can be found in Freie Universität's energy balance.